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Demagi affinati


Refined as in the past.

An ancient practice, able to create unique cheeses.
Light, humidity and temperature are three decisive elements for the proper maturation of cheese. To control these factors ancient natural caves have always been used, mainly in Central Italy, an ideal solution to preserve the cheese when there were no refrigerators.


The best italian cheeses

Andrea Magi also selects, around Italy, cheeses of highest quality, products that have conquered his attention, flavors that he himself loves, in a sort of personal mission against the flattening of taste: I would like to be a bearer for quality of life, at least at the table.

Demagi Seleziona

Demagi Degusta

De Gusta


The love for discovery led to the creation of a new line of matching products, special flavors that are combined with those of the cheeses in an infinite surprise: De Gusta, consisting of mustards, jellies and anything else that could surprise the palate and reveal the hidden potential of the cheeses.