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History of the De’ Magi Cheeses

November 2012
Participation in the Culinary section of the MERANO WINE FESTIVAL.

October 2012
De’ Magi OPEN DAY, inauguration and guided tour of the refining CAVES for the clients, and guided  tasting counter of 140 cheeses, a unique event!

October 2012
Participation in BOCCACESCA ,Certaldo, a guided tasting together with ANNAMARIA TOSSANI.

May 2012
Andrea Magi wins Second place at ALMA CASEUS, PROFESSIONALS section.

May 2012
Participation in ALMA CASEUS in the cheese section, winning the Gold medal for the Farm Cheese category with the GIOIA DEL PASTORE BUCCIATO,RAW MILK CHEESE.

April 2012
Awarding by the ITALIAN ACADEMY OF HISTORIC GASTRONOMY as SUPERINTENDENT for research and innovation of dairy products.

March 2012
Participation in the 5th San Lucio di Pandino (CR) trophy, the CROCCOLO pecorino wins the first prize for the category “Sheep’s milk cheeses aged over 12 months” and is ranked among the first 5 cheeses of the 24 first classified in the various categories, the only one that was not a DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin).

November 2011
Participation in the culinary section of the MERANO WINE FESTIVAL, organizing a cooking show, in the Gourmet Arena, to explain and lead a cheese tasting of 5 of our cheeses.

September 2011
Participation with a stand in the CHEESE of Brà (CN) during which, together with the Tuscan Cigar Club and the Cantine Petra, we organized a pairing – meditation of Pecorino Croccolo Riserva, the Petra Wine and the Tuscan Cigar, called “We smoked Maremma style”.

May 2011
Appointment as ONAF Delegate (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) for the provinces of Arezzo and Siena.

April 2011
Participation in Vinitaly as an event within the Company stand of Azienda Tenute Toscane di Bruna Baroncini.

February 2011
Management of the 1st level course ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) held in Siena.

December 2010
The Croccolo pecorino, took part in the GROLLA D’ORO competition of “Copyright” Cheese 2010 in Saint Vincent, obtaining 78/100 points.

Novembre 2010
Participation in the Event organized by AIGS (Italian Academy of Historic Gastronomy) at Chianciano and Paestum and the Cooking Show with Alex Revelli, on the importance of cutting cheese.

September 2010
The sheep’s milk erborinato, entered in the national competition INFINITI BLU at Gorgonzola, organized especially by Slow Food Gorgonzola and ONAF Milan, was assigned 1st place among the sheep’s milk blue cheeses and 11th in the National classification.

13th May 2010
De’ magi is at Medoliva, the show of High Quality Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and of its supply chain. The refined cheeses: L’Ulivastro, L’Affienato, L’Erborinato and the Crosta d’Oro are presented at the event.

21st March 2010
The De’ Magi cheese takes part in the 4th Dairy Competition San Lucio National Trophy in Pandino, in the Province of Cremona. The Crosta d’Oro cheese is classified fourth and the Affienato is classified third of the “aromatized cheeses” category. De’ Magi conquers the right to be entered into the Hall of Fame of the event. 150 cheeses took part in the competition.

March 2010
New Corporate identity. The De’ Magi brand is born.

22nd March 2009
Isola del Gusto: a great event with the presentation of new cheeses.

Andrea’s Refined Cheese is born – Andrea Magi develops his passion through the selection of the best dairy products. He does this as the owner of Igal distribution company.