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Behind the Scenes and Secrets

Each cheese has its own character.

“From when I was young, during my school vacations, I accompanied my father on his daily rounds in his truck. It was he, along with my brother, who inspired me with the passion for this work. And it is with this passion that every day, from when I finished my studies, I rise at 5am and return home late in the evening. And then there are the many Sundays where I have promotional and tasting events that I need to attend. It is not easy to lead a life like this, especially now that I am married and have 2 small children. Calculating the sacrifice and the time, if I were doing this work for economic gain only, I probably would have already quit.

My role is to go out and research traditional products that are tied to a territory and have a strong personality. In the case of cheese, as well as selecting the best producers, I spend time in perfecting their products. In other words? Together we develop pathways to obtain a higher quality, or simply different characteristics in the cheese. With small producers it happens that they don’t have the space or resources to do this work.

It often happens that we will mature the cheese directly in our premises, other times we take it to a special “nurse” company, a specialized company that supports the process with proper techniques, space and microclimate. And the flavor changes. Cheese from the same production batch assumes a completely different flavor, depending on if it was aged in a cave, in a cellar or rather under the vinasse (residue) of vin santo or wrapped in olive leaves. These transitions are necessary to obtain an excellent finished product. The real ones, obviously, not the chemical solutions that are used by those who by profession inebriate the cheese.

Cheese is my passion. I personally take care of its aging, sometimes experimenting creative solutions. Of course, every time is a risk, but by now I have gained some experience and it is wonderful the taste of discovery.”